martedì 12 febbraio 2008

Ciao a tutte, eccomi con un nuovo progetto, una sacchetta per la scuola per una bimba che adora i cavalli e il colore ROSA!!
....Poi devo informarvi che ho cominciato il progetto per il mio primo quilt, ho scelto di cominciare con dei quadrati grandi: 70 pezzi cm. 15 x cm. 15, tanti soggetti per le stoffe, ma sempre rose su uno sfondo azzurro chiaro....
Se riuscirò vorrei usarlo nelle prossime serate primaverili, ai piedi del mio lettone.... ma... vedremo cosa combino! Per ora ho solo buone speranze!!

hallo to everybody!

I've taken some photos of the project of my first quilt... the squares are very large but I think that it would be better for me to practice in! I've cut 70 cm 15 xcm 15 squares, lots of patterns but everywere roses on a ligth blue background.... Once I'll finish it, I'd like to put it on the bed to warm the fresh spring evening which are coming soon...... I think so!!

At the same time I'v sew a lunch bag for a little young girl that loves horses and pinks at all...

take a look!

lunedì 4 febbraio 2008

Here we are!!!!
I'm now showing you all of my finds! Three great books: about bakery, country living and vintage sewing!!!

......and a coffe pot!.... It's new, with an old look. I've added the rose decals on it, you know I'm always in love with Roses!
I'm quite satisfied... but now I'm looking for the cups! At this time I'm not sewing anymore, I'm just browseing throughout my stash of fabrics to choose the ones for my new, FIRST, flowered quilt... I'm ispired by Mias Landliv quilt, but really she's a Pro.

.....Ed ora, per la prima volta, anche in Italiano.... per le mie nuove BLOGGETTES che a ragione mi hanno chiesto una traduzione!!!

Queste sono le foto degli acquisti di ieri: tre bellissimi libri . Uno di alta pasticceria, uno di arredamento country (sono fissata) e uno di quilt Vintage.

Sono tutti molto belli.

Poi ho trovato questa caffettiera bianca, nuova, ma con un look invecchiato... ho aggiunto delle decalcomanie di rose (sono la mia passione) ed ora aspetto di trovare le tazze!

In questi giorni non sto cucendo molto.... mi preparo al progetto di un nuovo quilt, sullo stile di Mias mio preferito! Ho talmente tante stoffe, che poi non riesco a decidere.

Con un pò di tempo a disposizione proverò a tradurre i vecchi post...... grazie a tutte per le visite!


sabato 2 febbraio 2008

Good morning dear friend, I'm back again.... with a rich, sweet breackfast: LOOK!!! First strawberries.... but from Spain ( I coudnt resist to buy them....)
...and a little new find for my collection of old china...
Today I'll spend out all of my day: looking for flowers to plant, books to dream on, and... I dont know what else.....! It has been a very hard week for me and my family, we have had some good news about my father, but it's just the beginning...
Thanks to all of you for your support.... have a nice day!!! I'll post my goodies in the evening.....
Love, Sabrina

mercoledì 23 gennaio 2008

Hi there!
I've to say "thank you" to everybody for the very nice comments you have left in my Blog...
I've a big big problem with my father's health: cancer..... You know..... it's really a big problem and now I 've just a little time for my Blog ....
.....but sewing and browsing your blogs it's important for me, to remember myself there's always something better round the corner....

Hearts ,hearts, hearts... for you my dear friends all over the World!

mercoledì 16 gennaio 2008

Hallo to everybody!!!
I'm back again....
I've had some problems but for now all it's ok!!
I've ordered a fabric , a Toile fabric, on E-bay and last week it's arrived...
I'm very happy 'cause it's really what I was dreaming of.
I've covered the lamp-shade beside my bed and now I'm sewing the two big cushions for the bed.....
You know ..I'd like so much red and withe all year long!

giovedì 3 gennaio 2008

Like some of you, I often travel around the World via armchair: I pore over magazines looking for ideas for new projects for my house...for the garden, for my friends...

I'm delighted browsing through pages and dream of.....

This year I've subscribed to Romantic Homes and Victoria, from USA while the British ones arrive punctually every month to my international bookstore!

In my next post I'll show you what arrive to me .... I'm so excited!!!!

martedì 1 gennaio 2008

First post on 2008

Some pics of 2008......................