mercoledì 16 gennaio 2008

Hallo to everybody!!!
I'm back again....
I've had some problems but for now all it's ok!!
I've ordered a fabric , a Toile fabric, on E-bay and last week it's arrived...
I'm very happy 'cause it's really what I was dreaming of.
I've covered the lamp-shade beside my bed and now I'm sewing the two big cushions for the bed.....
You know ..I'd like so much red and withe all year long!

11 commenti:

Regina ha detto...

Your toile fabric is very wonderful
and makes your bedroom perfect.
I like it very much.Red and white
also my favorite.
In my blog can you read a little bit
over the book Simple romantic decorationen.
Have a nice evening,

Giuliana ha detto...

bella!!!!! sono bellissime queste stoffe!!

Anonimo ha detto...

Hi Sabrina! We were worried about you, glad you are back and everything is ok :) Toile...bella!! Red and white is beautiful together, cute lamp shade too, well done! Ciao for now and take care :) Jenn and Jacqui

Forgjengelige ting ha detto...

Cosy, cosy!! Have a cosy day!!

Katherines Dream ha detto...

Well done....everything looks so lovely and cosy and very inviting.
I have lots of projects started...but no time at the moment to finish any of them...brrrr

Wurzerl ha detto...

Red and white, I' m always surprised your bedroom is so romantic and beautiful.It' s great!!!
Have a nice weekend. Wurzerl

Naturegirl ha detto...

Very well done and fits in nicely!
I have lavender Toile fabric!It never dates..always looks great when fit into a decor! hugs NG

Mia ha detto...

Your bedroom looks just so cosy, Sabrina, with all the lovely toile and gingham fabrics. And the lampshades you have made out of your latest purchase are just beautiful. And the lovely cushions on the bed... very pretty!

Luna ha detto...

The toile fabric is beautiful. I love the colors in your bedroom.
It looks decorative and cozy !
Happy weekend!

chatrine ha detto...

What a nice bedroom and loveley fabrick!
Colors are beautiful!!

BROCANTE ha detto...

Ciao Sabrina
I found your blog throug Mias Landliv. This is the first Italian blog I have visited. How much we have in common after all. Your style is also very Scandinavian - we tend to love the the Italian and French as much as you probably like Scandinavian and English. I am hooked on old things and vintage. I will drop by and visit your blog from time to time. All the best and see you soon!