mercoledì 19 dicembre 2007

Hallo my dear friends, so many days without posting, but it has been a very hard week for me!
Now Christmas is really coming and I'm baking some pies as a present for friends !!!!! this is "La diablo", I think it could be " The devil" in English.
It's made by dark chocolate, eggs, nuts and a little bit of flour....It's very chewy and flavoured. I've put on the top some very little pink and yellow roses from my garden, as decoration!!!
ENJOY!!!!!!! XOXO Sabrina

4 commenti:

Forgjengelige ting ha detto...

Your cake looks very delicious!! Enjoy it!!

Regina ha detto...

Very delicious!!!My mouth is watering
Have a nice day Rrgina

Mia ha detto...

Dear Sabrina! I was so saddened to learn about your cat, and my heart goes out to you! I still do hope that you will be able to enjoy Christmas time. That cake of yours looks just so delicious! And the pretty roses make it look, if possible, even lovelier still.

Wurzerl ha detto...

Dear Sabrina, good to have you back!!! If I could do magic like Harry Potter I would come to you and eat a little piece from your cake.
Have a nice weekend Wurzerl