venerdì 30 novembre 2007

We have hade quite a week of cloudy rainy days....
not too cold, but very wet.
This is the last petit-point cushion I've stitch in the summer: it match ok with the Cyclamen and the china cup....

Have a nice week-end!! Ciao Sabrina

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Wurzerl ha detto...

I'm sorry, I can't write in the Italian language, I speak only Spanish. But I want to tell you, that I like your elegant photos very much. It' s my first visit in your blog, but it's not the last. I will come back soon.
Have a nice weekend
Wurzerl from Bavaria

Lille meg ha detto...

Very nice things you show us!
I found your blog through another one.
Two years ago I was in Italy together with my sister in law.
A lovely country and a lovely language.I wish I could speak it and understand it!

Greetings from Norway.