mercoledì 7 novembre 2007

Hi!!!! finally my old, green, beloved Singer sewing machine is came back home...... Due to old age , evry year it's going to the "Doctor" for a little check-up!..... but belive me, sewing with this machine is fine!
I had some scraps of Barefoot Roses collection and a flat sheet with green checks that I've bought to a flea-market for just $3..... now I've my new pinky-green fabric bag!!!
I do hope you understand my not so good english, but you have to try otherwise you have to learn Italian...... many kisses to all of you!!

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moderncountry ha detto...

Fun that you stopped by and left me a message :)
Your old Singer look so pretty! I have an old one myself, 30 year now and it still works and i use it every day :) But lately it is a bit louder than normal, and i am afraid that we have to send it to the repair shop.I hope it is nothing serious.
I really love your bag, fun colours! Enjoy crafty days!
Aina x

sabrina ha detto...

it's fun speaking with new friend, and it's fun too browse the blogs and share!
I've been in Holland two years ago, on holiday 'cause my sister's hausband is from your country. You live in a wonderful place! Pleased to meet you, happy evening! Sabrina