giovedì 29 novembre 2007

A little present for Christmas

I've made this coat-hanger as a present for a friend of mine!! It's in red and white colours....
I've paint it in white with acrilic than I've added a nice shabby rose decal... a medium heart with scraps of red fabrics, a polka dots ribbon..

a little spray of my loved cinnamon essence!!!!! For a Christmas feel

I think I'll do more , because is a nice present for my friends!! Isnt it?

Happy evening, Sabrina

2 commenti:

Naturegirl ha detto...

Sabrina I love this!!
I just threw out a wooden hanger :(
I could have made one too!! Thank you for the inspiration! I love coming to Italy so quickly..wink! hugs NG

Crafty Green Poet ha detto...

e bellisimo! I think I'll make some in the future!